Sheena Rose : Island and Monster (London)

Barbadian contemporary artist Sheena Rose is coming to London and we couldn’t be more excited ! For her first foray into the UK , Sheena will be performing her piece  ‘Island and Monster’  at The Royal Academy of Arts on Monday, February 27th .

Island and Monster is Sheena’s  response to conflicted feelings of belonging and displacement, which emerged with her return to the Caribbean after completing an MFA in North Carolina. To reckon with her changing relationship to her home, Sheena becomes both the island and the monster, looking in from outside as a way to negotiate this return.

After her performance Sheena will be in conversation with curator Jessica Taylor, whose latest project with David A. Bailey, Diaspora Pavilion, will showcase the work of 20 UK-based artists in an exhibition addressing the complexity of the diaspora experience in Venice during the 2017 Biennale.

Tickets (which are almost sold out ) can be booked by  calling 020 7300 8090