The Easter Screenings
The Easter Screenings , a film focused initiative dedicated to the promotion of films of Caribbean origin ( directors) , theme or production .  Screenings took place over 3 days of the Easter holidays in Nevis . 
Over 15 films ( both long and short form ) were shown .  We are so grateful for the immense wave of support received for this , our very first foray into executing a ‘ Film Festival’  ( of sorts ) .  Thank you to everyone who partnered with us (Caribbean Film Academy and The  Caribbean Film Corner family)  , our numerous sponsors and of course the amazingly gifted and fearless film makers .
Trailers for just a few of the featured films : 
Ring Di Alarm  ( Jamaica) 
Vivre ( Guadeloupe and Martinique ) 
Children of God ( The Bahamas) 
Rebeccas Story ( Guyana) 
Chrissy ( Barbados) 
Wake Up ( Aruba )