The Caribbean Film Project

We are MEGA proud and excited to be a part of this potentially life changing ( yes , dramatic …we know ) competition .

The Caribbean Film Project was launched in January and submissions close in just two weeks time !  Want to learn more  ?  Continue reading …

What:  A Caribbean script-writing competition.  As a writing-focused competition, the winner from each country will be paired with a writing coach who will work with them on an as needed basis to improve the story and make it ready for production.  Upon successfully creating a production-ready script, the film will be produced.

Who: The competition is organized by the Caribbean Film Academy.  Their producing partners in the Caribbean include Groundation Grenada (Grenada),  The Audiovisual Association of Dominica (Dominica), and SASOD Guyana (Guyana) and us !

Why: With the availability and increasing affordability of filmmaking equipment, the Caribbean is currently experiencing a surge in filmmaking.  With the possibility of being able to screen their film at the T&T Film Festival, the region’s largest festival dedicated to Caribbean films, more and more people, who may never have considered filmmaking an option, are making films.  Many of the films are excellent – well-written, professionally produced, and visually appealing.  However, there are many others which suffer from technical issues – incomplete storytelling being the main culprit.  From our perspective, well-written stories underpin every sustainable film movement, and in order for Caribbean storytellers to be counted among the best in the world, specific focus and attention must be given to the development of great writers.

When: Submissions opened on Thursday, January 1, 2015 and will  close Friday, February 28, 2015 at midnight (EST).

Eligibility:  The competition is open to residents/nationals of Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, and St. Kitts & Nevis, writing stories set in their countries.  The competition is also open to Caribbean writers and writers of Caribbean heritage, in the Diaspora, writing “Caribbean” stories set in the Diaspora.

Guidelines:  We are seeking short film scripts, 15-20 pages in length, exploring stories of love and loss, involving domestic violence and its effects, or involving mental illness and its effects.  The stories can also be about or infused with folklore and humor.   They can be written in any genre, style or voice, showcasing locations, food, music, customs, and culture of the writer’s home country.  For Diaspora writers, this would mean showcasing the Caribbean aspects of their location.

Submission Fee:  $20 (USD)

Booty:  A winner and runner-up will be selected from each country.  Each winner will be paired with a writing coach who will work with the writer to improve the script.  When the writing coach approves a production-ready draft of the script, it will be produced.  Other prizes include membership in script organizations, and written feedback on the script.

Submission Procedures: Each participant must complete and submit the following:

  • –> the Submission Form ( available on the Caribbean Film Project website )
  • –> Script, Logline, Synopsis (all as one .pdf document)
  • –> A Proposed Budget (using the form provided)
  • –> the Submission Fee.

The final script must be industry formatted and submitted as a .pdf file – the cover page should only contain the name of the story. Writers, please DO NOT include your name on the cover page or anywhere on the script – submit all personal information using the submission form below. Late submissions – application, fee, and script – will not be accepted.

Contact us at , with any questions or to report any problems.