On Her Way


A dance film project featuring Niquelle LaTouche  . Niquelle is a multi disciplinary artist ( dance , poetry , fine art  …)  presently pursuing her degree in Fine Art and English at  Reading University . She also teaches several genres of dance in both Reading and London  .
This collaborative project between Niquelle and ChantiMedia focuses on ‘Journeys’ both in the personal and wider diasporian sense . Who are we ? Where have we journeyed from , where are we headed  ?  What are we learning as we ‘travel’ ?   Where is home ?
Inspired by the music of Machel Montano , Niquelle chose to express her musings through dance , a stunning dance piece which she choreographed this Summer .  Niquelle is most definitely ‘On Her Way’ and we enjoyed every moment of working with her to facilitate the realisation of one of her many goals . In the telling of our stories , the voice of our youth is perhaps the most important yet more often than not the voice which is misunderstood or underestimated . By collaborating with and facilitating the story telling goals of our young people ChantiMedia is working to shift this perspective in the best way we know how .
Enjoy !

Inspired by and featuring the music of  Machel Montano  ‘On My Way’

Learn more about Niquelle and her work via her various social media sites :





Huge thanks to Neil Scott-Sills for his flawless editing and super amazing camera skills and of course our favourite dance consultant Pia Cabble for working with us on this . Team work always makes the dream work .