Lil Ragamuffin Summer Camp
Ok , so strictly speaking this is not actually a ChantiMedia project. However , we REALLY do believe in this initiative founded  in 1992 by a then 19 year old Zebi Williams .
Every year Lil Raggamuffin Summer Camp mobilizes a team of artists, educators, healers and entrepreneurs on a voyage to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to share skills, provide mentorship and connect with a dynamic community of children for the purpose of community building and upliftment. This is the overview of their work but it encompasses so much more for both the children and the volunteers.To fund this program the volunteers work throughout the year to raise resources so that they can continue to provide scholarships to 100% of the students that attend. The community would not be able to afford it any other way. With most families working as coffee farmers the annual income in the community is $1000 USD per year (roughly £590).It costs $300 USD ( £175.00 )  to send each child to camp for the week. With your assistance they can reach their goal and continue to serve over 125 young people .  Lil Raggamuffin Summer Camp has just wrapped up its 8th year and is now the longest running summer camp program in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. To learn more about LRSC, please visit their  website. Check out other donors and sponsors here, and recent press here. You can learn about past camp counselors here.


Team ChantiMedia would love it if you could contribute to the fund raising efforts for this extremely worthwhile cause! A little goes a long way.

You can also check out photos from last years camp here : Facebook
As well as a beautiful and informative video introduction to the project here :
Thanks so so much and who knows , maybe one day there will be a Lil Ragamuffin Nevis Summer Camp .