AfroPunk Paris ( It’s been a great year ) .

Wow, how is it possible that we are just weeks shy of the end of 2015 ?

2015 has been an amazing year of growth for ChantiMedia . There have been challenges ( as always !! ) , but honestly when we look back at this year our hearts truly swell with happiness and gratitude . PhotoFusion panel discussions , Talk That Talk , IslandGirls Rock , Carnival Expo , AfroPunk Paris , Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival , On Her Way , and  numerous collaborations  ( Caribbean Film Academy , Rewind and Come Again to name just a few  ) , photo assignments , film screenings , hosting …

We are beyond grateful for all your support of our endeavours , it truly keeps us  sane and motivated .

We have decided to make this particular post our last official one for the year . As mentioned, we were fortunate enough to be granted all access media passes to cover the first ever AfroPunk festival  held in Europe ( Paris !) earlier this year .  We pulled together an amazing team with our girl Chantal at the helm, the crazily talented Jessica Phillips as producer and director ,  the kick ass Alexia Lenoir as photographer and headed over to Paris for two days filled with music , fashion , art , food and too many OMG moments to count .

We left Paris exhausted but completely in awe ( and inspired by ) of the collective of artists brought together for the festival . AfroPunk truly embodies the ‘ other black experience ‘  and consistently showcases artists who are pushing boundaries and re:creating what it means to be a black artist in terms of how our stories are told .  The icing on the cake for us ?  The moment when we realised that both founders of the festival are of Caribbean origin ( Guyana and Martinique ) . Yes , #IslandBoysRock .

So our last share for 2015 is in fact the trailer for our AfroPunk Paris adventures . We will be releasing all of our exclusive  interviews and accompanying shenanigans over the first half of 2016 but for now , take a peek and relive some of the best memories of 2015 with us .

Thank you all so much for being a part of the ChantiMedia journey , we could not do it without you !  #TellingOurStories