40 Voices – An exhibition ( Nevis , July 27th – August 10th )

An exhibition encompassing film, photography and an art installation in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Culturama (Nevis )

Culturama : A summer festival of which the purpose is to celebrate and ‘bring to life’ the Nevisian cultural heritage . It is a five day (sometimes seven) day exposition of folk art in all its various forms and is promoted as a festival (Carnival) with a difference as it sets out to educate as well as entertain.

Premise of 40 Voices: 40 participants (Nevisians and residents of Nevis ) of differing demographical backgrounds are asked 3 basic questions pertaining to Culturama. These questions are emotive rather than fact finding and encourage the participants to be as open and unguarded as possible with their responses. 40 Voices aims to empower through freedom of expression and the entire process of these conversations (not interviews) is filmed.

The finished film piece will be edited down into one seamless loop showcasing the participants various responses and thus capturing a ‘snap shot’ of the feelings, opinions and attitudes towards Culturama in 2014 .

At the end of each conversation the participants all have a photograph taken which aims to capture the energy and authenticity of their session.


Film: Vida Rawlins ( St Kitts )

The film will be screened (on a continuous loop) in the media room of the exhibition space (Riviere House )

Photography: Kacey Jeffers (Nevis)

Each participants stunning  portrait will be featured on the 40 Voices wall accompanied by a quote from the film .

Art Installation: Vaughn Anslyn ( Nevis )

The art installation will hang in the foreground of the ‘photography wall ‘of the exhibition. This installation will be used as a focal point/back drop for all visitors to take ‘selfies’ and thus create their own art (embracing the freedom of expression theme) . The installation will be Vaughns interpretation of 40 years of cultural exploration , expression and celebration.

Location : The exhibition will take place in the gallery space of Riviere House , Government Rd , Charlestown Nevis .

Opening reception : Sunday , July 27th at 6:00pm and will run for 2 weeks . There is no admission fee .